Fish Finder for Kayak
Fish finder for kayak

Fish Finder for Kayak

Layak is a populist of fishing

It is used more in the game Arica

People leisure time and unique time fish

This game is spent playing a lot of time for fishing, people use this keylek much more. During this keylak, there are many piles of fishes during the fishing season and what is done in three nights.

what is kayak

It looks like a nut in front of it and there is one in the back of it, it’s a bit lighter

The middle of it is a big one

There is no water inside it, and it can be used to keep things close to it and it can be used by many people to benefit more from the fish.

What is a fish finder?

This is a modern picnic. It is also helpful to know how far away the fishes are. You can know that this main water tank does not enter. If there is a fish then you will be able to identify it and you will see that this fish is there. You will get the fish in that place and you will get the fish.

how to use fish finder?

At first, you will open the jute, then put the battery, put the back jute, put the coaching in the essence. Then after the cleaning tipadina, you will signal that you will work according to the signature

how to search for fish?

It will find you fish

Give the signal to where your rod is

Give me the fish in the sky

It is better to know that it is through the soil

What kind of fish would you say?

It will help the bait

Tell me the distance of fish from you

This is the duty of doing charity

It will say water flow

It will say water density

Best Fish Finder Chose

Garmin Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder
Rating 4.4
Customer Reviews 502
Item Weight 8 ounces
Shipping Weight 2.35 pounds
Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder
Rating 4.2
Customer Reviews 1386
Shipping Weight: 13.4 ounces
Venterior Portable Fish Finder
Rating 3.9
Customer Reviews 329
Item Weight 1.09 pounds
Shipping Weight 1.23 pounds
Lowrance Elite-3X Fishfinder
Rating 4.1
Customer Reviews 243
Item Weight 3 pounds
Shipping Weight 4.85 pounds
Raymarine Dragonfly Pro CHIRP Fish Finder
Rating 4.4
Customer Reviews 109
Shipping Weight 4.5 pounds
iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder
Rating 3.4
Customer Reviews 884
Shipping Weight 11.4 ounces
Humminbird GPS/Fishfinder
Rating 4.1
Customer Reviews 89
Shipping Weight 5.8 pounds
HawkEye DT1B DepthTrax 1B
Rating 4.2
Customer Reviews 143
Item Weight 2.01 pounds
Shipping Weight 1.9 pounds

It has many powerful and powerful modern high sensitivity GPS with easy-to-use 3.5-inch color fishfinder Find the fish well, mark the hot spots docks and return to the ramp Message Convenient Keyboard: The chirp contained transducer transmitted gold transducer This is the highest performance chirp over upgrade with gt8 or gt 15 transductor The striker 4 fish finder will see the fish with a view of fish and your hotspot, boat slopes and back to the docks, and the graphics needle will be unleaded, you will receive good quality images through the history of the rewind. experience of chirp: striker fish finder has chirp (77/250 kHz) transducer with traditional 77 / 250khz transducers compared to the structure of the fish. You can also upgrade to Enabled Garment Chirop Technology, which makes many clear golden images show more significant breaks and provides resolution up to shallow deep depth. For better fishing, the following are more visible, even at high speeds, and the signal may be suppressed to further deepen the words below.

Striker fisheries have built-in, high-sensitivity GPS to quickly detect your current condition, many of the fishfinders per day, and to better identify the exact location, however, keep your GPS position wherever you live. More importantly, they will give you a fish whip where you can spot the spot so that you can return to him again in the future. You can also mark the docks, boat slopes, and the lake well in different locations. Simply follow the path created on your screen

Easily manage the Wi-Fi map in the right way

There is a lot of sensitivity GPS in the Stryker Fishfinder series, you can see your position with your identified weights better. Easily view, mark, and navigate locations like brush piles, stamps, and docks. It’s a great tool for finding your way to the boat ramp.

how to read a flasher fish finder

This fishing flasher will provide a signal with both front and back. Any time you will be striking fishing, jogging for ice fishing or crepe, the built-in flasher will show you the bottom, whether it is tough to stick smooth, weights whipped, and the depth of the fish as they swimming in the gold beam. You can even watch how high your jig is being lifted and whether it is to move away from it.

you’re fishfinder any place

A portable kit is available to protect and carry your striker fish with GPS, so it’s perfect for picking up the shoulder, shoulders or ice. It includes a sealed, battery with charger, internal transducer wire management and storage and suction cup transducer mount and float.

Deeper Smart Portabl Fish Finder

It is used in the market for a lot of new modern, Bluetooth phones and wireless work wirelessly on mobile phones. The perfect tool for fishing, it's a lot of benefit to you A lot of people have used it and they have got a lot of improvement in their lives from now on storm the waters with deeper fishfinder and n.r a new generation of smart angling portable versatile smarter than ever before deeper is a perfect depth sounder for any type of fishing reveal bottom contour details underwater structures vegetation fish targets depth temperature and much more you don't need any expensive sonar gear for that you're all set with smartphone or tablet and deeper fishfinder make all your cash cow and explore water through smart imaging sonar view no matter if it's a bridge shore or bank deeper fits it all you simply have to screw the right bolt attach deeper to a line and cast it to the desired water spot you'll instantly start receiving information right on your screen know where you are on the map use deeper on your boat or kayak boat load allows you to create personal bathymetric maps in real time attach deeper to your gear with flexible arm mount and start exploring history

It works inside the Laptop mobile phone antiphon tablet unique social works up to 130 feet inside the water

It is made out of plastic

It is like a ball to see gold plum in the center of the ball

The temperature of 4 ° F to 104 ° F sahaniya galabena a lot of salt water Diyala phrikoyanasi

The battery Receive happy to raja backup time from 1 to 6 consecutive bulatutha and wireless means you can charge

It will be less than 100 grams to 200 grams of weight, at least one techie ball

This updated version of the app and download it now to go deeper to find fish, you have to throw transadukarake phone or tablet data and send it to your me bail


A big difference is that it is a Wi-Fi connection instead of a Bluetooth connection

Welcome to our Venterior Portable Fish Finder Review! We will try to provide ideas of what this fish seeker is and what it is capable of. This fish finder of us Very modern Also, if you want, make sure you check out our final best fish review

The detector of Venterier’s fish is a single-beam tracer, it can find fish in a depth of 45 degrees angle to 23 to 228.08 feet. For finding such a small fish, those pretty good numbers! This means that gold transducer of this model will help you to identify fish targets deeper in deep water. This model is completely designed to make a lot of


Its transducer control equals 25ft wire. You can roll in the water for transducer water fishing, attach side-scan adapter with mounting tab to fish from your boat, or attach a sensor to a handle and reduce it into the water. Also, this fish explorer comes with a removable transducer float with a rubber stopper


Transducer water does not provide readings on temperature, but it is quite hopeful with a simple and affordable model


This portable fish discovers the targets of the detector’s targets in motion, so you will not get information on the underwater objects and structures. Also, you cannot use the fish detector to locate your kid.


Otherwise, the fish’s searcher easily spots a fish larger than 10 centimeters. By adjusting the sensitivity setting, you can control the size of the fish, the gold transponder will spot. Here, we can not see the size of the fishes in the fish. If it is set to low sensitivity, it will only show bigger fish


Another point to remember is that you should keep the speed of your boat less than 5 meters, otherwise, you will interfere with the gold transducer.

This fish finder has a TN / Anti-UV LCD B / Color D display that displays with green LED backlight. Do not note that this model will not reduce the visibility of text due to a colorless display. Data with this fish finder does not provide some data in detail! Such a screen is needed to look like you transducer data, and that’s the most important thing to do.


The exhibition shows a lot of information about the fish and depth conditions. Modern, you can switch between meters and feet. That’s pretty much all the look of this fish explorer, but that’s such an affordable model it’s the best thing to do


As of downsides, we can specify the absence of small displays and colors. But it is not too complicated to send more detailed texts with other models. With Venterior’s Fish Detector, you do not have to struggle to distinguish between individual objects and water source structures. That is why the small display is not Achilles Hill of this fish detector.


There are better ones as a small downside with deep readings. Fishfinder does not save the unit you want to set, so you have to change it when you turn off the device.

For control, you have three buttons – Setup, Enter and an on or off button. With buttons, you can control the sensitivity better, enable battery saving mode, and change the unit of measurement. The fast and easy control panel interface user interface! If you want some fish really simple, this fish explorer will be a great choice for you.

What about the benefits of using? Simpler means fewer things! You will not have any problems with controlling this fish’s finder and setting up for your fishing trips. You only need to turn it on, set sensitivity, and throw the trunk into the water


This model operates in Wireless and 4 AAA batteries which are really very convenient. This is a good fish explorer

Finally, you can use this fish finder at a wide temperature between -20C and 70C (-4F and 158F)! You could even catch ice fishing with this little guy!



Currently, it is very affordable.

Single-beam transducer reads over 328.08ft depth.

Larger fish spots than 10 centimeters

Easily read b / w Anti-UV display can provide depth data and fish targets can be seen

Lowrance Fishfinder

Hooke Triplet TripleShot Three-E-A Good Downsaken Imaging Side Sankan A Wide Angle and High Coverage as well as a built-in, high-resolution US map. Just fish it and it's fish. Yeah, it's pretty much easier. Good focus on fishing with autotuning gold, there is a new abbreviation of featuring that actively adjusts the gold setting as changing the conditions of the fishing. You just take good care of fish and hook gold performance - TripleShot performance managed by one in three gold one. Anglers can find more water and more easily folded fish and fish formation in TripleShot three-in-one gold. Triple-shaped-angle, with high charger gold, the gold cover of most fishing donors, as well as Side Sanane and Downs can Imaging ™. Getting back to your favorite fishing spots or finding a new one is easy with navigation features, with easy-to-use, over-3,000 lakes with one-foot views, including a built-in, high-detail US map.

12 “Differential SolarMax ™ Display: High-resolution SolarMax ™ display, shine and clear view of fish and fish-holding structure visually with daylight visibility and high visibility of daylight. To know more about the new technology behind the hook used in the hook 2, our Western Advisor article See: The amazing new IPS display for marine electronics.

Automated Gold Settings: You can dial your time with less time and less time while fishing with HOOK2 autotuning gold. Just fish it and it’s fish. It does not get any easier.

Easy-to-use menu operation and dedicated keypad: Make a co-ordination with low key presses through a simple menu layout and dedicated keypad.

Three in-gold sweater single trial shit ™ with high Chirop, Side Sankan, and Down-Sankan Imaging ™, make it easy to rely on three in-gold sweater fish, the best traditional gold scene and lifelike images of the fishing structure and your boat Beside

Built-in detailed mapping: Easily find deeper changes, roads or your favorite fishing spot, the built-in map of the United States in Hooq2, one-foot feeling or more than 3,000 lacs.

Map options: Easily upgrade your hook to 22 mapping with your mapping card easily from C-MAP, C-MAP Adicht, Nayonikics and more.

MicroSD card slot: Save your way place, route, and trails on a micro SD card, or upgrade your mapping with an alternate chart card.

Easy mounting front dash or gimbal-bracket installation: Choose the best installation option for your boat from easy flush-mounting and gimbal-bracket installation options.

What is the box


Exhibition unit

Bracket mount kit (bracket, 2x nu, 4x screw, self-lapping # 10 x 3/4 in hd ss)

Cable and fuse kit (power cable, fuse and fuse holder)


Document package


Hooks² 12 Fishfinders / Charlotte Plot Trips and US Coastal Charters with Charlotte Plant

Name Price

The map is US coastal

World base map

The radiation screen size is 12 inches

Dimensions 13.44 “width x 8.51” height x 3.23 “depth

Horizontal Display Size

Show color color

Display Type WVGA Color TFT LCD

Frequency high CHIRP

Wide-Angle 200 Killjoys

455/800 kHz

Maximum depth Broadband: 500 feet (152m)

Downsakan: 300 feet (91.4 m)

Side sen: 300 feet (91.4 m) left and right

Mount Type Flush


Resolution 1280 x 800

Gold Wide Angle Broadband


Scanning imaging below

Side Sink Imaging


Specific Transwinders Triple Slots 3-in-1

Type Plotter-Finder Combo

Waterproof IPx7

Warranty details a year

GPS Internal High Sensitivity WAAS + Igno

Raymarine Fish Finder

Dragonfly Pro represents the latest step in Fish Finder Tech. It uses the familiar Spectrum Chaser technology, where gold signals are viral STDs through water, but Dragonfly Pro can better explain return signals than before, with more detail and transparency to create images.

The display is optical-bonding LCD technology that exhibits bright colors, sharp contrast, and above all, the effectiveness of the weather, which is not fogy in the cold mornings. You will find yourself at the depth of about 600 feet (180 meters) deep, fresh or salt water to look at the image of the adjacent photo below.


Dragonfly Pro is designed like GPS for mapping, including the US Navigational Chart, when more high-speed low tracking helps you avoid excessive barriers in shallow water. It maintains good quality built-in Wi-Fi (via the Raymarine Wi-Fish mobile app) so that you can stream friends or your own tablet or smartphone data to better save it for the next reference. In addition to mounting it on your boat, it is less than 9 pounds per inch and more than 14 inches per inch.


Raymarine’s Dragonfly Pro looks and feels like a good quality product as soon as you pick it up in your hand, but the job is very simple. The user manual that you do not need comes with it since the display settings and navigation are perfectly clear and easy to follow. Basically, you can turn it on well and start looking for fish as per your choice as soon as you get it.

It takes both power up and powers down in a few seconds. You can not turn off Wi-Fi when the manual works with you, then unplug the unit for battery power saving. Also

This is some of the weaknesses that seem to be resolved in the design plan. The main problem is that the controls are not backlit, so you have to work lightly for the fishing in the dark. Another is the software auto

Not upgraded; At least, the manual strongly advises it.


How to Setup

There is no special setup required to implement this; It is a down trancer which uses a ratchet connection to mount more securely and more securely than ever. Then you just plug the unit up, power it up, and you’re good to go.

While comparing the model, there is some pride that having CHIRP gold but not delivered with any quality. Dragonfly Pro is the real deal Yet it is a deceptive simple unit with a plug and a few buttons for navigating the screen. Contrary to fishing on the night, the bright sunlight from the display works blind. You can buy a separate sun cover, or mount it at your boat under a canopy so that you can get more best pictures.


Whatever the issue, what does Dragonfly do, which helps you to catch more fish? With its range and superior imaging, that would not be a problem at all. Bottom-tracking and image updates are faster and smoother. You can spot a small school in Rockfish on a farm below 100 feet below. Even in the darkness and fog, navigational charts help you to avoid being lost. You can instantly track your location compared to the coastal region. Charting system is very effective and very easy to use. You can easily set up a wave point and find it again easily.

If you are searching for the best fish find, then you might want to stop here. Dragonfly Pro, the fish explorer is more easy to use than you want, nice images and the bottom floor and many depth tracking combines in a unit that provides the same functionality and good quality imaging, which models cost far more.

Are you looking for a good fish explorer? You can get a great deal here at Raymarine Dragonfly PRO.

Humminbird fish finder

Humminbird SOLISH FISHFINDER / Chartoptera This product is made up of more high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. The nation has been designed to use more advanced technologies and customers to remember, this product of Huminybird will last for a lifetime. It will satisfy your needs better and provide an excellent quality at an affordable cost.

Special Features:


Display pixel matrix: 1280H x 800 V.

Gold Optional: 50 Killjoys, 50 / Low Air Chip and SM 3000

Target Separation: 2.5 “

Power Output RMS: 1000W *

Power output pickup: 8000W *

Backlight: LED




360 Imaging: Humenbari is surrounded by you. 360 Imaging allows you to isolate your wires, view up to 5 preset views or see everything around you

Dual Bum Plus Gold: Combine for two abstract great detail and comprehensive coverage areas. Use a hairbreadth beam for high accuracy back and bottom when using a beam when you want a big search area

Internal GPS: GPS antenna built-in head unit

High Definition Display: The harsh sunlight  give a bright, crystal-fresh, image for very easy seen

HD Radar: The name of dark and foggy, busy way and unfaithful weather, situational awareness game

AIS: War Fish – Other Boats Not only the state-of-the-art AIMS technology, the high-traffic channels of the

Humminbird, or the low-visibility seas, the risk of navigation and guesswork.

Autopilot: Never underestimate your route with the specific control and proven performance of the Humptybar autopilot system.

I-Pilot Link: The e-Pilot Link is an integrated GS. The trolling system that helps Moni quota Ultra-Terranova and PowerDrive V2 motors contact your motor and


AutoCart Live: Create a map where there is no map. Patent Optik Live Live lets you create digital, detailed maps live and in water. You can use it to improve your existing charts

Smart Strike: Smart Stream shows you how to spend the fish at any given moment

Precision GPS

Boing is a great way to relieve severe depression and leave all your problems in the area. Enjoy your time drinking more water with this top-notch marine product. Whether you are doing your casting practice, exploring amazing marine life with a snorkel, or just open the water cruise for fun, you need to equip your ship with the best products to ensure that some of your amazing recreation ruins. With CARID you know exactly what you need to make a breeze in your bottle because the bow is covered from the strain to the bow. These products will be great for all outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy traffic-free travel and air in their hair. Made of durable materials, it will ensure a long lasting performance for many exciting events to come.


For more than 40 years, Humminbird® is America’s favorite fishfinder – the leading inventor of side imaging technology – offers a variety of recreational and professional flock-ups, day after day, water after day, year after year. Hemembard introduced fishing machines, depth vocabulary, marine radio and jingle systems to Engeler.


Trust data



Humminbird is made from error and instrument error-free to the main retail buyers. This warranty is effective for one year starting from the original retail purchase date.

Humminbird products are defective and are covered with this warranty. The option of

Humminbird will be repaired or replaced, and the customer will be returned to Frite Prepaid.

Humminbirds sole responsibility is limited to the repair or replacement of a product that is harmful to

Humminbird under this warranty. This kind of product is not responsible for the charges associated with removing or replacing or repair part of the repair.

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

If you are looking for a very affordable fishfinder which is portable and easy to set up, then iBobber is the best one. This device is more compatible with Apple devices and it is being improved to work with Android devices too. This device connects to your smartphone or tablet very easily, you can find this iBobber review. IBobber's price is very low, it is much cheaper than most fish finders in the market. What's more is that you can use it very casually to control your existing mobile device, which is an item that almost everybody owned this day

Purchasing power

As the iBobber comptroller can be used on your mobile device ultra horizontally and using the screen as its own display, you do not have to worry about this device is too expensive. You will save money because manufacturers do not have to include a hi-tech controller device for fish explorers. If you have a low budget and if you take your mobile device for fishing trips, then this is a great way to reduce costs.

How does ibobber work CONNECCTIVITY

IBbl is designed to be used with Apple products, and if you have an iOS device, it is highly suitable. It can be easily connected to your device using your low-power Bluetooth connection. You can also connect the iBobber  to Android devices so you will not be limited to the need to use a specific type of communication device with it.


As you can be more experienced, many devices that rely on your phone or your wireless connection to your phone, often using the battery very quickly ends, as a result, you may have the possibility of purchasing iBobber as a result. But you do not have to worry, because iBobber requires a lot of weak Bluetooth connectivity and uses less power as a result. Your battery will last longer and you will be able to use it for your travel period without the need to worry about charging it.


IBobber is really portable and easy pockets, backpacks or root causes will be fitted for ultra-easy transportation. It’s a bit different from the iBobber unit really different. It has a light 1.7 ounces and just 2.3 inches diameter. You can hold it in your hands without any problem, as the name suggests, this device looks like a freshwater bath.

iBobber  golden power

This transit mode works on iBobber with a 118khz transducer. This transducer has a lot of potentials to screw up to 135 feet and can communicate with your mobile device very easily when it is 100 feet away from you. It’s great for sure that you can get the most accuracy and best results. Although it considers such a small device, it is very impressive.

FIsh Finder Work

When iBobber detects a fish very well, it can mark it based on its size. Two types of fish are divided into sections, these sections include 15 inches and more than 15 inches in length.

You can use that free app with this device as many mobile devices as you wish and it can easily control all the functions of iBobber. Cheap Price tag gives some of the more costly fishfinders a great alternative without any loss of functionality.

ibobber review ADDED EXTRAS

When you purchase iBobber, you can enjoy more than just some great features like lunar calendar. This calendar provides you with temperature, wind speed, rainfall as well as atmospheric pressure information. You can gear the best time to fish and call it a day so you know all these useful things while fishing.


Another great thing about IBobber is that it lets you see the golden display on a much bigger screen. Many fish explorers have a small screen, usually not bigger than a smartphone, thanks to the free application that comes with iTubeber, you can see the full picture of your iPad. This lets you read more clearly and see that you’ll easily see, even with more expensive fish discovers.

Even if you use a smartphone with this fish searcher, you will find that the display is totally bigger, especially the smartphone screens, to see more pictures of gold. Which can make you smaller

More small and portable.

It’s very easy to set up.

Works 150 feet away from your mobile device.

Bluetooth uses less energy for connection power.

The cost is very low

The bottom of the water can scan 135 feet very nice

If you have used your mobile device with this fish detector, you have to be more careful, since it will be damaged on your phone if it is wet. The best way to do this is to use a waterproof suit



IBobber is a great fish explorer which offers a much higher quality and feature packed device at a very low price.


As long as you have a mobile device, there will be no problem setting up this fish’s searcher. This iBobber review explains exactly how powerful Bluetooth technology is because you can use the device well within the 150-foot range of your phone and thank you


present depth reader, updated 4 times per second ... Why Huq-i D10D? Today's High-Lopen Contains is designed to create various types of golden data to create different types of reddening of fiber and thermocline. However, the technology associated with the configuration of their particular transductions in these different signals also reduces the ability to provide instant significance. The Hawk-Eye D10D depth sounder is engineered to send a specific depth of 2.5 'to 200' (.7 to 61 m) at a speed of 2.5 meters (100 kph). Say goodbye to the day when the plane does not know the depth when running your boat

Algorithm programming allows virtual touch to leave false depth readings when easy touch programming allows one-touch access to dual depth alarms. The full range keel offsets the adjustment of the depth syllabus for ship draft. 1.65 “x. 87” (4.2 cm x 2.2 cm) Large size LCD measuring feet or meters depth and using soft-glow backlighting for unnecessary readability during the night. The included composite transmitter may be transmitted or hold-in-hell.


The Hawkeye D10D measures 2 “diameter and 1.75” deep (5.1 cm x 4.4 cm) with a 30 ‘(9 meters) Traducer cable. Traducer frequency is 200 kHz and has a beam angle of 25 ° degrees. The unit benefit 11 to 14 volts DC 200mA max and has a current drain of nominal at 40mA. The LCD display is a polarized liquid crystal which is even easier to spot the sunlight or even when the sunglasses read data. warning order, red LED and flashing LCD icon Hawkeye D10D includes interchangeable black and white bezels and faceplate, and a sun covers to protect the LCD during storage. D10D comes with a comprehensive operation and installation manual.

Trust data

This product has 24 months warranty.

Hawkeye by Norcross D10D Digital Depth Sounder Features

Hawkeye by During D10D Digital Depth Sounder

Instant depth text, updated 4 times per second

Algorithmic programming, virtual dam

The correct text at speeds up to 60 miles (100 kilowatts)

The appropriate depth ranges from 2.5 ‘to 200’ (.7 to 61m)

One-touch access to dual-depth alarms is allowed

The LCD display fluid is crystal polarized

Bright sunlight LCD sunshine or sunglasses wear time

Transducer Frequency 200 kHz

Transducer beam angle is 25 ° Degree

Reading depths in feet or meters

Soft-glued backlighting for extraordinary readability at Night

Gold beam angle: 25 ° degrees

Full range Keel Offset: Adjust the depth library for ship draft

Extra LCD: 1.65 “X. 87” (4.2cm x 2.2cm)

Dimensions: 2 “x 1.75” (5.1 cm x 4.4 cm)

Transducer cable length: 30 ‘(9.14 meters)


Shot through a transmitter/hull combination transducer

Interchangeable black and white Bezels


The sun cover


Operation / installation manual

It is a very cheap fish search that is high tech, fish location in different contexts and

To create different types of thermos radiation

Good quality designs are designed to create various useful golden data


The price of Hawkeye is very low it is much cheaper than most fish finders in the market. What’s more is that you handle it very casually in your existing boat

An item which can be used ultra-thin, that is owned by almost everyone every day

 hawkeye will be able to use your boats very cheaply. If you buy this device you do not have to save it, it is very cheap

If you have a low budget and if you know the boats on a fishing trip then it is a great way to reduce costs.


Today’s hi-tech multipurpose fish finder has been designed to create various types of useful gold information for different types of contexts, fish location and different types of thermoconge radiating.


However, the technology associated with the configuration of their particular transductions in these different signals also reduces the ability to provide instant significance. The Hawk-Eye D10D depth sounder is engineered to send a specific depth of 2.5 ‘to 200’ (.7 to 61 m) at a speed of 2.5 meters (100 kph). Say goodbye to the day when the plane does not know the depth when running your boat


As you can be more experienced,

Through transducer cable, you can keep it in front or place anywhere in the boat, it can be used for long periods of time.




The Hawkeye can be carried in the shadow. Measuring 2 “diameter and 1.75” deep (5.1 cm x 4.4 cm) with a 30 ‘(9 meters) Traducer cable. Traducer frequency of vibration is 250 kHz and has a beam angle of 25 ° degrees. The unit uses 11 to 14 volts DC 200mA max and has a current drain of nominal at 40mA.


hawkeye sonar power

The transducer mode on this Hawkeye works much more smoothly than it has so much depth

It has great ability to get the most accurate and accurate results through it. Although it is considered a small device, it is very cautious



Another great thing about Hawkeye is that it lets you see the golden display on a good quality screen.

The LCD display is a polarized liquid crystal which is even easier to spot the sunlight or even when the sunglasses read data. warning order, red LED and flashing LCD icon Hawkeye D10D includes interchangeable black and white bezels and faceplate, and a sun covers to protect the LCD during storage. D10D comes with a comprehensive operation and installation manual.

It’s very easy to set up

It works from a distance

The cost is very low

It scans the water much deeper

There is no scope to charge

Adjust the depth library for ship draft

Although there is no such problem on this device, its installation manual looks well


hawkeye is a great fish finder

Which is a very high quality and very insignificant

Feature Packaged Device Offers.

One-touch access to dual-depth alarms is allowed

The LCD display fluid is crystal polarized

Bright sunlight LCD sunshine or sunglasses wear time