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How To Choose A Fish Finder
How To Choose A Fish Finder

How to Choose a Fish Finder?

today i am  going to talk about how to choose the right fish finder now I have

three really important rules when it comes to choosing a new fishmonger and

the first is establish a budget discuss it with your better half set the money

aside and then throw it out the window and double it all right trust me in the

long run you will be happy you did it  rule number two within your newly

established budget look for the unit with the largest screen size look here’s

the deal these days pretty much all the   major manufacturers they build with some

really good technology right across the  board pretty much everybody offers

performance that you’re gonna be happy  with but a small screen makes that

performance impossible to appreciate I guess what I’m trying to say is most

folks are happier with a simpler unit that has a bigger screen than they are

with a more complex unit that has a smaller screen next the third step what

you need to do is figure out which  manufacturers menu system best matches

your own personal brain so the unit that’s most intuitive to me is not

necessarily the unit that will be most  intuitive for you now the best way to

accomplish this is simply to go to a big box store that has tons of different

manufacturers units on display and start pressing buttons play with them try

changing the range adjust the  sensitivity try zooming in and try

zooming out just do all kinds of different stuff until you get a feel for

which unit seems the most natural for you to use one final bit of advice if

this is going to be your first fish  finder watch our how to use a fish

finder video you’ll find it in the books  calm youtube video library and it’s very

basic it’s really meant for beginners  but for beginners there’s a lot of

really good useful info in there

picking the right fish finder

alright guys so today what I want to go over with you is some of the different

features and benefits and the reason I decided on the Lorentz so stay tuned and

we’re going to go over a couple neat features and the one feature this unit

has that helped me make up my mind on  why I needed the Lorenz Elite 90

I so it can be extremely overwhelming you decide you need a new GPS please find your side

scan new Navionics base or navigation on your boat so you get to the store and

you walk up to the counter and the the counter has all kinds of units it’s got

brand a brand BC wrapped all the way around it, there’s several different

sizes several different levels and price points and it can be very overwhelming

to somebody that’s new to this so real quickly I want to cover a couple things

that might make it easier for you to just decide what unit is going to be

best for you in my particular situation I wanted a unit that I was already

familiar with that’s where the Lawrence comes in I’ve been using them for years

now I have used other units like the hummingbird Garmin Raymarine to say the

few to say just a few of them but for me it was little rants you know maybe your

deciding factor is what kind of maps do

I want are their aftermarket map savailable and to what extent do I need

those maps may be in your situation you’re fishing it deeper depths and so

you need a different type of sonar to meet your needs so then you’re looking

at aftermarket units as far as seminars go you want to get up in a 1 kilowatt

maybe you’re offshore maybe your fishing some really really deep ledges

you need something to give you a better  look at what’s underneath you now

another deciding factor that you might not even know about is what about that

trolling motor that’s on the front of your boat maybe you want a GPS unit

that’s going to work with your trolling the motor you know maybe that decision has

been made up for you already because of you have branded a or Brandi trolling motor

mounted on the front of your and you didn’t even know if you know

that might mean Riau fitting the entire the boat which of course is going to push

that price point a lot higher so  speaking of that price point the next

thing is how big and how many units do I actually, need you to know am I somebody

that is making a living trying to catch fish whether it be on guided trips or on a

tournament fisherman and I want the the fastest processor with the best output

on my screen and I need to invest in  multiple screens or in my the weekend

warrior or just the guy that’s going out for recreational fishing and I just need

to something that’ll suit my needs I don’t want to spend too much money

something at you know introductory the level is going to get by for me but at

the same time I don’t want to short  myself if my living makes a difference

on what you and I have on my dash or up on my bow so for me the reason I went

with the ninety I is because I don’t need the imaging quality that comes with

the new Lorentz TI I don’t even need them a fast processor that comes with the HD s

series and I’m not networking in my the situation I have a kayak I’m fishing on

a kayak I’m only going to go with one the unit, however, the unit I picked out the

elite series it can expand and grow as I expand and grow maybe I’ve got a boat

six months from now and I’m looking to outfit it and put another unit on and I

need those network or those two units to network together so that I can

continually grow so that’s why I looked at the Elite nine, it does come with

aftermarket maps so that I can really improve the image that I’m looking at

but the best thing that it came with for me and the thing it was a deciding

the factor is being able to overlay my maps on our TV overlay my structure on top of

my mask so let’s take a quick look at that so if you go into your page menu

and you want to select the option that has the side scan and the maps side by

side so once you pull that up you’ll see that you have both of those now whether

your orientation is vertical or  horizontal that is just a preference for

me I like the two maps side by side left  and right on the right-hand side is

where I have my structure scan and on the left-hand side is where I keep my

Map  so when I have my side scan going out

and reading and picking up information I  can then go over to my map function and

select overlay and when I hit that  overlay button you’ll notice all of the

ground that I’ve covered with my side the scan is now going to lay down on top of

my maps and why this is a key feature is  because you know like everybody else I

spend a lot of time working so when I am out on the water I want to make the most

of it, I don’t want to spend all this  time searching and trying to find these

time searching and trying to find these  spots so if I pass something it for

example right fish finder

example a pipe laying down on the ground I want to be able to see that over on my maps now it’s not going to stay there forever but it is there long enough for me to mark waypoints take a good solid look at it and if I stop the boat I can measure the distance back to that pipe from where I’m at in the boat anybody that’s been bass fishing for a while knows there is a huge difference between making a 40-foot cast and a 30-foot cast you may or may not be in that strike zone so that can be very very important so for me guys

that were a huge factor once I realized that that’s what this a unit offered me which it also has offered on the HDS series and of course the new Carbon series but that price point is way above what I’m looking to span and what I really need for myself so stepping up to the second level Laurent’s units that were more than enough to suit my needs and every unit is going to have a couple different features to them Garmin has got phenomenal

Maps clarity of the screen they have got this new panoptic system that’s coming out where you can look out in front of the boat, the hummingbird has been known for their size can you know they even advertise where they’re going over the top of a cobblestone bridge and the advertisement has left no stone unturned so their side-scan imaging is incredible so that’s just a couple different options that are out there depending on what your needs may be so if you are a motor guide person you know maybe you want to look at that little ranch so that you can pair those together

if you are a min coda person and you reel you want to have your unit hooked up maybe you’re looking at those hummingbirds you know those are some deciding factors that you need to decide walking in there before you make you purchase now of course when you go to all these different stores there’s going to be people there to help you out with that kind of information but hopefully this gives you a little bit more so when you walk in the door you’ve already got a couple different ideas well I really hope this I hope this contents  helped you out guys,

if you’ve got any questions please comment down below if you like  gives me the thumbs up so I can keep more Tips like this site you and if you want to see all the videos I’ve got and stuff that’s released please buy a fish finder this site  and until next time guys thanks for reading

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